Our Soft Services 


  • Clean your Surroundings & make your environment looking pleasant.
  • Cleaning is not a duty, it is service.
  • Separate your wastes by categorize before disposing it
  • Decomposable waste, Plastic wastes, E-waste, fragile waste are commonly in our day to day life. Handle the waste is an art.
  • Cleaning the households with proper tools & proper safety will increase the lifetime.
  • For control your surroundings from pest, pouring the chemicals are not solution and need to eliminate the generation of pest.
  • Cost of any soft services will be estimated & mailed, messaged by our team after your booking call to us

Terms and Conditions

Delivery of Papers, Milk & newspaper services will be conducted initially by third party only. If you book us, your needs will be transferred to nearby dealers whom delivering at present in your area. Also any queries/Pay/complaints will be received by us and sorted out. No compromise on quality of work. After getting the enough deliveries in your reported area, our team person will be deployed instead of third party support. But the service will not be affected at any situation. Prior information are welcomed for Change of address/Closing of account/any other mislead.

Just make a call, Mail us your requirement or Click below for book us